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7 Interior Design-Approved Tips For Home Decorating

Home interior design is about understanding the basics

When it’s time for a change, people like to start with their space. But how do you know what aspects of your home to enhance or redecorate?

Researching room decor ideas is a good place to begin. With plenty of helpful tips available to point you in the right direction, becoming a pro in home interior design is easy.

We’ve put together a few home decorating basics to get you started.

1. Lights

Indoor lighting might not be the first thing you think of when interior decoration comes to mind, but it should be.

Aesthetic fixtures and a combination of both downlights and hanging lights can change the way a room looks and feels.

Utilising floor and table lamps will enable you to add more texture to the room, and to spotlight feature pieces.


2. Mirrors

A well-placed mirror has the ability to make a room feel bigger than it actually is. Not only do they add a little decorative panache, but they also make a space feel brighter.

In a sense, large mirrors can work in much the same way that windows do, creating a more expansive feel to your home.


3. Nature

Bringing nature into your home is always a good move. Being in the great outdoors makes you feel clearheaded and free, and having plants inside means you can have that feeling all the time.

Having nature indoors is also a great, healthy way to decorate your home. With a little more greenery, you can boost your mood and enjoy your space anew.


4. Cushions

Cushions have the ability to add texture and layers to a room, stylishly uplifting and shifting it from drab to fab.

Pair cushions of different sizes, patterns, colours and textures across your seating areas, and you’ll create a layered look that speaks for itself.


5. Rugs

A cleverly positioned rug can redefine the space in your home and set apart one zone from another.

When placed on a hardwood floor, it adds warmth to the room and creates a centrepiece to work around. A rug will also protect carpet from spills and stains.


6. Contemporary and vintage

Pulling off a fusion of the new and the old isn’t always easy, but when done right, it can give your space a feeling of expert taste and added comfort.

Find a place in your home where you can pair new couches with an old coffee table or vintage curtains with modern walls.


7. Natural lighting

Natural lighting will completely change the feel of a room. While it might not always be possible to create more natural light – due to window size or placement – you can still enhance the natural light you do have.

From a simple fix like washing the windows, to adding mirrors or a brighter colour palette to your space, inviting natural light into your home will make you feel a little lighter, too.


Go forth and redecorate!

These basic decorating tips are just the beginning! There are many more for you to discover and try out in your home.

Everybody has different tastes and identifying yours might take some mixing and matching. Play around with these decorating tips until you find the ones that work best for you!


Speak with Studio FWRD about room decor ideas: pru@studiofwrd.com.au

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