8 Ways To Make Your House a Home

Rethinking your room decor ideas

We’re spending a lot more time than usual in our abodes here in Melbourne so it comes as no surprise that many people are rethinking their spaces. Creating a space that feels comfortable and like your own can be as simple as making a few small changes. Here are eight to get you started.

Rearrange your furniture

If time is on your side, have a play with the layout of your space. Our 7 Interior Design-Approved Tips for room decor ideas can help get you started. Swap your art around, push your bed to the other side of the room or flip your living and dining spaces. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be that complex, shake up your kitchen drawer layout and find a set up that suits you better. It’s amazing how a simple switch can change the mood and feeling of a room.

Add a rug

Seriously, it’s that simple. Soft furnishings like a rug can be an easy way to anchor a space. Doing so can easily warm a room up and add interest, with very little effort. Try finding a rug that covers a decent amount of space in your room – too small and you can shrink your space at a glance.

Bring some life to the space

Literally. Adding house plants to a room can transform it instantly, and will definitely help with the whole indoor-outdoor flow thing. There have been studies on your potted friends that show improved concentration and productivity, reducing stress levels and boosting your mood for those who surround themselves in green. Make your plants even more beneficial by starting a herb or veggie garden. We hear food tastes better if you grow it.

Reflect on it

Brighten up a dark space using a mirror, or use it to reflect artwork or anything that brings you joy. One beautiful wall can only get better when you double it. Mirrors are also a great tool to use to make a space feel much larger. If there’s a spare wall in your home, try adding one and feel the difference for yourself.


It’s not always about what you can add to a space. Remove anything that isn’t, to quote a very famous Marie, ‘sparking joy’. Creating space in your home can evoke a sense of lightness and leaves room for you to enjoy it.

Inject colour

If your space is feeling a bit flat, a pop of colour can often be all it takes to turn it around. A new cushion, a throw or even bed linen is a fantastic (low commitment) way to do so. If you’re ready for more commitment, choose the perfect palette with a colour consultant. Not to fear neutral lovers, try soft pastels to dip your toe into the colour pool.

Treat your senses

Whilst the eyes are the first to come to mind when thinking of your home decoration, don’t ignore the value of a home that smells good too. Think candles, fresh flowers, perfume, freshly baked cakes, hand soap… little touches can make all the difference and evoke lovely memories.

Pull out the photo albums

Dust off your old photos, be that physically or from the depths of your hard drive, and display them in your home. Adding some of your favourite memories is an easy way to make a space yours and acts as a mood booster every time you see them.

Need a hand with turning your house into a home? I would love to chat.

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