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A Quick Guide To Home Interior Design

What is home interior design?

Home interior design refers to the practice of redesigning and improving your home’s interior. It’s about taking a space – whether it be the whole house or a single room – and recreating it into something more enticing, aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Changing the interior of your home can be a pretty big deal, especially if change is a scary thing for you. But when your space becomes a place that you enjoy spending time in, you’ll wonder why you didn’t redesign it sooner.


Your guide to home interior design

Identify your style

Everyone can identify with a certain style, fashion or trend, and you should get to know yours before beginning the redesign.

Whether you like coastal, bohemian, traditional, modern, minimalist, maximalist or a jumbled mix of them all, there will be a style out there to suit your own unique flair. Finding your personal style can be hard, so we’re here to help.


What’s your budget?

It’s very easy to blow through a budget, so it’s important that you establish yours before the planning process begins.

When making purchasing decisions, have your budget in mind to help prevent you from exceeding your spend limit.

No matter how small – or how big – your budget is, the possibilities of achieving your home design goals are endless.


Research and plan

A crucial part of every project is planning, and when it comes to interior design, planning is everything.

Research different styles, find inspiration from social media, look into furniture you like, how long the process will take, and whether you need an interior designer or if you can D.I.Y. A mood board always helps to set the tone for your project, too!

Planning and research will be your project’s foundation, and this vital step could make or break it. With a proper foundation, you will be better placed to build up the walls of your creative redesign.


Choose your colours

Colour psychology is a real thing. Different colours tend to elicit different emotions from people, and learning about it can actually be quite the eye-opener – especially when choosing the colours to use in your space

Psychology aside, the colours you choose are entirely up to you. If you like black, then go for it. If hot pink is your thing, fill up your rooms with it.

Whatever colours you decide to go with, make sure that you’re smart about it. While an acid yellow room might have sounded exciting to begin with, you might not feel the same way after a week of living in it.


Pick a statement piece

Each room should have a focal point – a statement piece around which the rest of the space is designed.

A statement piece could be anything from a wall, lamp or rug, to a brightly coloured piece of furniture or large piece of art.

Your statement piece should be singular, and one that immediately draws the eye. If other pieces in the room detract from it, you may have to consider reconfiguring the current layout.


Use textures and accessories to liven up the space

Breathing life into a room is all about the things you fill it with. By mixing different textures and accessories together, you can significantly enhance the vibe of any room.

Try pairing a plush couch with a knitted throw and wicker woven wall hanging, or a plain table with an ornate rug and hanging plant.


Contrast, balance and harmonise

Mastering the art of home interior design is about finding harmony amongst contrast and variety. With so many different pieces, colours and statements spread across the house, it is important to bring everything back into balance.

Contrast in a way that is clever and balanced, and you will find your home a more harmonious place to be.


Whatever your home interior design goals are, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Get in touch today.

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