Discovering Craig

The beginning of studioFRWD

I was trawling through Instagram, looking for those who may share my target market, my competition, content that inspires me – homework set for me by Team Pru (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, have a read here) a few weeks ago, elbow-deep in the beginnings of studioFRWD. I was happily oohing and ahhing at gorgeous styling, plants, pieces of art, furniture… it’s a tough gig, I know. I was also messaging back and forth with one of my favourite humans, sharing joy over our thriving houseplants, and lamenting those tricky pots of not-so-greenery, which refuse to give us any love back. Deep in her own insta trawl, Em (she of the favourite human list) found and generously shared this account with me (good friends share good plant accounts). Oh my happiness! The feed was full of silky monstera leaves, delicate waterfalls of devil’s ivy, artful planters and rattan armchairs. So many things to drool over – AND he has a store! AND it’s in Melbourne! 

Luckily for my bank account, I was about to downsize, so the temptation to spend my entire startup budget on ‘test-driving’ their pieces for my clients didn’t prevail. I managed to restrain myself to wish listing one or two (dozen) items as a possible reward to myself once I move and finish unpacking. Okay, it wasn’t actually restraint (restraint isn’t really my thing…) that stopped me, it was the thought of having more things to pack and unpack. Also, more importantly, I was yet to find my new home, so I didn’t know the space,  what would work or even fit (the whole downsizing thing…).

Making spaces feel like home

I have moved a lot in my adult life, often into company housing or rentals, due to the transient nature of our lives at the time. It has always been essential for me to make those spaces feel like home – for my family and my sanity. I relentlessly move furniture/rugs/art/vases/knick-knacks/everything around until it feels just right. Those poor souls who love me enough to be roped into this merry-go-round of mayhem have been known to mutter, often through gritted teeth coupled with an eye roll, ‘that’s how it was five minutes ago!’. But it’s not quite how it was five minutes ago… there are slightly different angles, different pieces added or removed, a rug brought forward or moved back, plants added or swapped. It could be just a few small things that need to be tweaked, but tweaked they shall be until I feel that sense of warmth and happiness wash over me as I enter the space. Then, and only then, I know it’s done (for now…), and time to ply my very ‘over it’ loved ones with food, drinks and gratitude… we haven’t started on the artwork yet ;).

Craig’s magical world of fabulous

I digress! Back to Craig, and his magical world of fabulous. With love hearts in my eyes and a healthy buzz from the joy of scrolling through so much beauty, I knew I’d found a business I’d love to work with, run by people I want to engage with, and already feel somehow connected to, because, well, all that gorgeousness! Possibly a little early to ask Craig to rearrange my furniture? And so, a new category was added to my research list – potential suppliers of lovely things for lovely clients. I think Team Pru would be happy with my work…


What next?

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