Easy Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom

Revamping your bedroom

It’s the room we spend at least one-third of our lives in, and that was before we had to carve out spaces for work, homeschooling and exercise! If, like us, you are dreaming of revamping your bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some easy ways to change the look and feel of your bedroom without blowing your budget.

Oh sheet, it’s linen time

For those of us not living in a mega-mansion, it’s likely that your bed occupies the largest portion of your bedroom. This means your linen matters. Depending on your budget, you could replace the whole lot, going for a lighter colour to lift the space, or a fun pattern to inject some life into it. Where that isn’t an option, try adding a new throw to the end of your bed or a colourful cushion (you can never have too many…). Switch it out seasonally or whenever the mood strikes as a guaranteed way to never get bored. 

Add some life

We don’t mean getting a new puppy, although we aren’t telling you not too. Our suggestion is a little more green. Add house plants! They’re air purifying, memory enhancing and mood-lifting. For easy maintenance, try a peace lily or monstera or give the classic fiddle fig a go. Just don’t go moving him around, they’re notoriously temperamental. 

Start from the bottom

Shop around to find a rug to ground your space. Use this as an opportunity to create a contrast, perhaps with a white rug on dark floorboards. For your already neutral bedroom, add some colour. Consider it an opportunity to cover a large space and transform the overall feel of a room, without the need for a paintbrush.

Let there be light

Transform your space with the flick of a switch. Replace your globes for the feel you’re after, warm light tends to be the most natural, comforting and flattering where cool is more clean and modern. By adding a lamp you’re able to brighten a dark bedroom or give yourself versatility in creating a mood. Change out the shades you have to bring together mismatched bases or to make them feel like new again. 

Make your storage fun

For a budget-friendly way to add colour and bling, loop or drape scarves, jewellery and belts over a bamboo ladder. Not only does this make use of items you already love, it has the added bonus of freeing up wardrobe space. That’s more room for that online shopping we’ve all been doing from our couches…

Get your DIY on

Is your furniture mismatched? Bring cohesion to your bedroom by painting your bedhead and bedside tables to match. Alternatively, you could refresh furniture that matches by adding colour that reflects your personality. 

Need a hand choosing the perfect linen or throw? Get in touch to discuss how my tailored services can help.


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