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Indoor-Outdoor Flow

It’s about bringing the outdoors in

Having an indoor-outdoor flow in your home can make your space feel bigger, brighter and more relaxing. The term itself refers to the idea of bringing the outdoors into your home by making the two (inside and outside) exist seamlessly as one.

In Australia, we love to bring landscape and lifestyle together. By successfully creating an indoor-outdoor flow, you can entertain guests inside your home while retaining the nature-like feel of being outdoors.


Create a successful indoor-outdoor flow with these top tips

Utilise corners

Extricate your corners from the dark by switching out wood for windows. Renovating your home with a corner window will not only bring in more natural light, but it will also allow for a broader, uninterrupted view of the outdoors.


Slide away

Sliding glass doors are always a good idea, especially if they run the entire length of an exterior wall. A sliding glass door (or wall!) will welcome more light into your home and make it feel as though there is nothing separating you from Mother Nature herself.


Think floor-to-ceiling

More windows equals more light and more outdoor visibility. If a sliding glass door is not an option for you – or if you want your design to work in unison with one – transitioning to floor-to-ceiling windows will help you bring the outdoors in.


Go a little plant crazy

Pack your place with plants and you’ll reap the rewards of living in a more oxygenated house with a greener colour scheme and a calming, feng shui vibe. Indoor plants can boost your mood and productivity, and they can also absorb nasty toxins from your space. It’s a win-win!


Add an awning

Building a shelter above your outdoor area will help to increase the feeling of being outside when you’re in, and inside when you’re out. Whatever the weather, an awning or canopy will enable you to enjoy the outdoors while still being sheltered from the elements.


Establish a seamless transition

A successful indoor-outdoor flow is one where moving from your indoor space to your outdoor space feels smooth and seamless. The materials you use should match the look and feel of your home to effectively blur the boundary between what is outside and what is inside.


Treat yourself to an indoor-outdoor flow

Introducing an indoor-outdoor flow to your home will help to open up your space and bring nature in. You can use pergolas, lighting and durable outdoor furniture to spice things up, and outdoor heaters to stay warm on cold nights.

Whether you want to enhance an outdoor area or open up an indoor space, creating an effective indoor-outdoor flow is the way to go.

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