Surf Beach.

This wonderful property was architecturally designed and didn’t require a full renovation. However, the new owners wanted their weekender to feel like a home away from home, and to reflect their love of travel, while remaining true to the original design. Furniture selection was key in opening up the living space, with an extension to the front deck allowing for outdoor entertaining. More natural light was added to the space, the functionality was increased and overall, the personality was amped up to match that of this lovely family.

Balwyn North

The client had relocated to Melbourne and purchased an older house, in its original condition, with the vision of transforming it into their ‘forever’ home. The brief was extensive, including both the interior and exterior of the house, relocating the kitchen, and completely transforming both front and rear gardens. As often is the case after purchasing a new home, the budget was tight! My solution was a staged renovation, over several years, meeting their immediate needs, while allowing time to save for the next stage. The​ flexibility and planning of this project resulted in the client realising their vision, without breaking the bank.

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