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Room Decor Ideas To Brighten A Dark Room

Dealing with a dark room? We’ll help you brighten it up

Home interior design isn’t just about decorating rooms and navigating space. It’s also about understanding light and how to invite more of it into a room – even a room that has always felt perpetually dark.

Introducing more light into your home, or a specific room in your home, all comes down to utilising the appropriate room decor ideas. There are a handful of tips and tricks that can help, and we’ve listed our favourites below.

White lightens and brightens

If your room feels dark, it might be time to consider changing up the colour scheme. Paint the walls and the ceilings white and you will find that the room feels instantly refreshed and brighter.


Opt for light-stained wooden flooring

So you’ve lightened up the walls and ceiling, but what about the floor? Incorporate light-stained floorboards into your space and watch as the new flooring effortlessly brightens up the room.

As a bonus, a light-stained wooden floor makes cleaning up spills easy, hides any errant scratches, and allows you to zone out – and spice up – separate areas with a rug.


Hang mirrors

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – mirrors are practically magical. Not only do they have the ability to make a small space feel larger, but they also help to reflect light.

Hanging a few mirrors in a dark space will allow the reflective surfaces to bounce whatever light is in the room off of one another. This will make it feel as though the amount of light in the room has been doubled, or even tripled!


Use shades or blinds instead of curtains

Thick, heavy curtains can make a room feel small, and they can certainly contribute to making a space feel dark and drab. Replace your heavy curtains with shades or blinds that allow light to creep through in places where curtains could not.


Clean the windows!

Now this might seem glaringly obvious, but a clean window will let the light in. Check the windows in your darkened room and see if they need a little sprucing. If yes, give them a clean and see if it helps to brighten up the room!


Check for obstructions outside the window

Though it might seem like another obvious one, checking for obstructions outside the window is important. While it’s not much use trying to shift a neighbouring building, you could trim back a tree that’s overhanging the window.


Enhance your indoor lighting

Boosting the lighting in your darkened room will help to brighten the place up. Whether it’s updating the lightbulbs, installing some hanging or wall lights, or incorporating more floor lamps into the design, enhancing your indoor lighting is the way to go for a brighter room.


Say goodbye to dark and dreary and hello to light and bright!

Making your dark room lighter is entirely within your reach. All it takes is a little creative prowess, some elbow grease (for cleaning!), and a few helpful tips to point you in the lighter and brighter direction!

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