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The Benefits Of Hiring A Colour Consultant

Bringing new ideas to the table

The world of colour is an exciting and magical place, allowing you to transform or refresh your home. Get it right and you will feel relaxed in your bedroom and invigorated in your kitchen. However, with so many choices, honing in on the tone, then exact shade you want in your space can be nightmare inducing. If you love lots of colours (like me!), or you’re indecisive, where do you start? Pinterest and Instagram scrolling gives you so many stunning options that it can add to the confusion. If you’ve got a feel for what you like, or a general theme that ties together those saved posts, having a fresh set of eyes to bring new ideas to the table can be an absolute blessing.

Colour consultants are educated in the psychology of colour

Picking a pretty palette is one thing, but what effect does it have on the vibe of the space and your mood when you’re in it? This is particularly important in places that should bring you zen, like the bedroom. Great design is about more than styling, it should elicit a feeling. Colour consultants are colour nerds and nothing makes us happier than finding the perfect palette to compliment your personality and lifestyle.


Colour consultants can help to mesh two different styles together

What happens when you like one thing, and your partner likes another? This is something I see a lot of, and often you need that third brain to see where the overlaps lie. Perhaps two palettes could be meshed or, after listening to both parties, a completely different palette can be created that sits somewhere in the middle using tones neither of you had considered.

Creating a palette

Choosing your wall colour is one thing, knowing how to complete your colour story to get the best bang for your buck is another. Bringing a colour consultant on board will help you navigate the myriad of considerations you may not have encountered previously, like a complimentary colour for the ceiling and trims. Even if you want to keep it simple and go with white, have you seen how many shades of white are available? It’s mind boggling! What about the furnishings? Are you wanting to build your palette around the existing pieces, or starting from scratch? How does the light affect the colours? It’s unlikely that all of your rooms receive equal amounts of light; switching to half or quarter strength tints for darker areas will ensure continuity and consistency.

But what paint do I use?

Phew, colour palette sorted… and then a new set of considerations swarm when it comes to choosing a paint brand – quality, price, finish, environmental factors – the list goes on! All paints are not created equal… A colour consultant will be able to steer you in the direction of brands that align with your values, budget and needs (no one wants their baby sleeping in a room freshly painted with toxins).


If you are thinking that living with your current colour scheme is preferable to making so many big decisions, then chatting to a colour consultant is the answer – we love this stuff! It’s what gets me out of bed with a smile 🙂

You can find colour inspiration on my Instagram – have you followed yet? As always, I love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to shoot me a DM or email with any questions you may have.

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