The Perils Of Working With Beautiful Things

Danger alert!

I am currently researching linen, seeking the perfect bedspread for a client. I didn’t realise that I had a ‘thing’ for linen, but oh I do! So far, I’ve managed to refrain from hitting the ‘CHECKOUT’ button on various pieces of linen for myself – pieces I really don’t need right now. “Go on, treat yourself!”, I hear you say. The problem is that I have treated myself (many times) to things I didn’t know I needed before I began researching something specific for a client or a piece of gorgeous deliciousness popped up in my feed.

One of the perils (yes, I’m going with peril) of working with beautiful things is the purchasing of said beautiful things. It’s a very dangerous vocation, this design business. Who knew? 😉 Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I don’t meet the requirements for danger pay, so restraint may be overdue.

 Sorry, not sorry

In an attempt to shame myself into continuing my newly found restraint *I don’t feel the slightest hint of shame* I have compiled a confessional list. I’m not including my plants – they count as therapy.

I think it may be the prettiest confessional of all time…

Miimi & Jiinda X Adairs: Jaanymili Printed Sheet Set – these sheets are so gorgeous that I use ‘displaying’ them as an excuse not to make my bed 😉

Kip & Co X Jumbled: Blossom Magic Linen – 100% French flax linen bathrobe (which I also wear as a jacket), serviettes, and tablecloth. The art and vibrant colour of this collection takes me to my happy place.

Greenhouse Interiors: Womens Business II – Art Tote Bag – designed in collaboration with Australian artist Natalie Jade and derived from an adaptation of her original artwork, ‘Womens Business II’. I use mine EVERY day.

Ivy Muse: Mini Brass Plant Stakes – yes, my plants were crying out for stakes, but instead of making my own I bought these pretty brass stakes, my plants I love them almost as much as I do.

Unitex Intl: Hand Knotted Patchwork Rug – I instantly fell in love with this one-of-a-kind runner. It has been hand crafted from recycled pure wool Persian carpets to make this unique patchwork piece. This is upcycling at its best – it would have been wrong not to buy it, right?

Langdon Ltd: Jute half circle door mats. Three of these little beauties, and they bring joy on every level of my house 🙂

I am delighted to note that these purchases predominantly supported locally owned, female businesses and/or artists. Makes me feel so good that I can almost justify that bedspread…

 If you’d like help racking up your own list, with zero shame attached, get in touch here!