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The Psychology Of Colour In Home Interior Design

Different colours can elicit different feelings

While colours may seem like a passive thing, they are actually quite powerful in their ability to determine human behaviour. Different colours have been shown to elicit different feelings in people and in doing so, they influence our experience of space.

Colour impacts your emotion, which makes the task of choosing the right colour palette for your home interior design an important one. A skilled colour consultant can identify the colours that work best with your personality and your home.



The colour red is commonly associated with feelings of love, passion, anger, danger and strength. A fiery colour, it will inspire fiery emotions and exciting energy in your space.

While red can be warm, it can also be overwhelming. Using this colour in your home requires a fine balance as it can shift from love to war without warning.



Similar to yellow, orange blends elicit feelings of joy and sunshine. It is a colour often associated with nature and the tropics, as seen in the natural, orange-toned colours that many tropical countries harbour.

Orange also brings with it the energy of red, making it an adventurous, enthusiastic and determined colour.



Synonymous with sunshine, yellow is happy, joyous and carefree. While bright yellow can elicit feelings of optimism, dull yellow can do just the opposite by promoting feelings of sickness and decay.

Mostly, however, yellow is a cheerful colour, serving up happy, equal portions of wisdom and warmth.



Green is the colour of nature. It’s there in the trees, the grass and the rolling hills, and it makes people feel balanced, healthy and safe.

Also associated with envy and money, green is a multifaceted colour with mostly positive – but also some negative – symbolism.



Calming, peaceful and relaxing, blue inspires confidence and trust. While it is a colour wreathed in tranquillity, it is also one that can tip the scales into feelings of melancholy. When working with this colour, keep in mind the emotion that you want it to represent.



Representing imagination and spirituality, purple is a colour brimming with creativity and wisdom. Purple isn’t a colour that many align with easily, but it is one that embodies spiritual growth and royalty.



Black equals sophistication, style and luxury. It is the shade where all of the darkest colours meet, and one that wholly represents power. Black is seductive, protective and prestigious, but it can also be linked to depression and pessimism.



White is the opposite of black. It is all about purity, innocence and openness – as a traditional wedding dress can attest. White represents positive feelings of hope, cleanliness and clarity. It can also elicit negative feelings of cold and emptiness.


Consider your home colour

Each of these colours has a plethora of different shades, and each shade personifies even more meanings. As you can see, colours are powerful things. Choosing the right one for your home can be a difficult process – and this is where a colour consultant can help.


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