To Rug Or Not To Rug?

For me, the answer is always yes! Whether you want to hide the old carpet in your rental, protect your wood floors, or add some personality and colour to your room – rugs have you covered. They can be hugely impactful, and if you get it right, the perfect building block for your room and a piece that can truly ground it (pun intended).

With the confusingly large array of choice out there, it’s not surprising that many find it hard to decide on the right rug. Let’s navigate the world of floor decor together…

First things first

There are some key factors to consider before embarking on your search which will help to narrow the overwhelming vastness of choice, and lower your chances of disappointment… It can be heartbreaking to fall in love with a particular piece, only to discover that it won’t work for either your budget or space.

What’s your budget?

Your budget will be the deciding factor on the type of rug you purchase. If you are renting, or planning future renovations, consider that your room size, and therefore rug size, may change. While you can store them (my storage cupboard could double as a mini showroom), replacing them with different sizes costs money, so spend accordingly. Having a lower budget doesn’t mean that you miss out on fabulous patterns and durability, just put aside the pure silk rug of your dreams for now.

Buying the best quality you can afford is good for your bank balance and the environment.

Which weave?

Practicality is key here… High traffic areas, kids, pets and rowdy friends who tend to spill red wine are all things to be considered.

Silks are beautiful with their stunning sheen, and gorgeous underfoot feel. These are a great choice for low traffic areas like the master bedroom or formal lounge. A silk blend will give you a budget friendly variation and added durability, without losing the luxe feel.

Wool is a natural fibre built to withstand more wear and tear than its silk counterpart. The added bonus of warmth can be great for additional comfort and practicality in a room.

Blended weaves are the most budget friendly and durable options, great for those high traffic areas. There are some excellent quality blends available, and some not so fabulous. To avoid disappointment, research the blend ratio, and look at/feel the rug in person (post lockdown, of course). If you are buying online, check the returns policy – we all make mistakes, this is one you don’t want to live with!

Let there be love

Onto the fun stuff! Consider the existing colour and style of the room. What’s missing? Does it need added vibrancy, or something neutral to ground the space? If your style is eclectic, choosing a pattern which incorporates the colours in the room can be an excellent way to tie everything together. Patterns also hide spills – woot! This is an opportunity to take risks, step outside your comfort zone and explore.

My one absolute? You should LOVE it! If you have any doubt, walk away. The perfect rug for you is out there, it will be worth the search.

Size does matter…

These days, most rug designs will come in a variety of sizes and shapes, choosing the right one can be tricky. There are many ‘rules’ on rug sizing, and while it’s true the wrong size rug will completely change your space in all the wrong ways, there will be considerations within your particular space that the rules don’t account for.

By all means, google the rules, but also look at your room. Are you trying to define areas within an open plan, or working around cabinetry or irregular shapes? How is the furniture placed?

My advice is to get the largest rug your space can accommodate leaving a strip of floor exposed on each side, without encroaching on adjoining areas. Many rug showrooms will allow you to return/swap for a different size if necessary. Again, check the returns policy.

Finally, play around with the placement, sometimes a small shift can make all the difference. Trust your gut and have fun – it’s your space, it should bring you joy.

Need a little guidance on your big ticket furniture items like your rug? Get in touch here.

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